At Maruyama Park in Gion, Kyoto

I am Francesca Galve, an avid learner of the Japanese language. I have passed the N1 level of the JLPT, and I am actively studying advanced-level material.

I started my Japanese language journey in February 2018. Because I like going on vacations to Japan every year, I decided to learn simple Japanese travel expressions.

Since then, my love for the Japanese language gradually grew, and I became more engrossed in it. Studying it heightened my interest in Japanese culture. I also realized that it is a great way to spend my free time as a change of pace from work.

From a simple pastime and hobby, the Japanese language has now become my passion. This is why I have set my sights to get to N1 proficiency.

Thanks to this newfound passion, I have been granted the opportunity to study in Tokyo, Japan as a Japanese government scholar for my master’s degree in 2022.

Timeline of japanese studies

  • February 2018 – Started learning Japanese
  • September 2018 – KAKE speech contest, 2nd place
  • December 2018 – Passed JLPT N5
  • July 2019 – Passed JLPT N4
  • December 2019 – Passed JLPT N3
  • January 2020 – Ambassador Jose S. Laurel III Scholarship, 1st place awardee
  • October 2021 – Passed NAT-TEST Level 2 (N2 equivalent)
  • July 2022 – Passed JLPT N1


About This Blog

Cherry blossoms in full bloom during spring at Ogimachi Park, Osaka

I created this blog mainly to help fellow Filipinos who are also studying the Japanese language, whether they are beginners or are already experienced.

Through this blog, I will share insightful and helpful articles about Japanese language studies, such as study tips and information on exams. Occasionally, I will post about my travel and study experiences in Japan.

The title of the blog, Sakura Saku, was suggested to me by my Japanese friend. It literally means “cherry blossoms bloom”
(桜咲く), which is an expression that is commonly used when passing a school entrance exam. It conveys an image of cherry blossoms in full bloom, the period when schools hold their entrance ceremonies to welcome new students.

As in the expression of sakura saku, I hope that readers of my blog will eventually reach their dreams and goals in the Japanese language.


Learn more about the meaning and history behind sakura saku through this link (full article in Japanese text).

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