JLPT Schedule Philippines – July 2022

July 2022 Japanese Language Proficiency Test banner with cherry blossoms graphic design

The dates of the 2022 July and December JLPT have just been announced.

First testJuly 3, 2022
Second testDecember 4, 2022

For information on the December 2022 exam, please visit this page.

Since the pandemic started in 2020, the exam has been canceled in the Philippines four consecutive times, or for a total of two years.

But there might be hope for this year. On January 28, 2022, the Philippines was listed as one of the test locations for the JLPT:

If the schedule is canceled, the test city will be marked as in the table above.

Assuming that the exam will push through in all test cities in the Philippines, the expected timeline will be as follows:

Early February – Registration opens
Late March – Start of payment
July 3, Sunday- Test date
August 24, Wednesday – Release of online results
Early October – Distribution of certificates and official score reports

Given the history of previous JLPT’s, Japan Foundation Manila should have announced the opening of JLPT registration today, February 2. But I guess they are still assessing the COVID-19 situation before making any official announcements.

Should JFM proceed with this year’s exams, health protocols must be strictly enforced, especially since the JLPT has always drawn thousands of Filipino examinees on one test site. Perhaps JFM can draw insights from other countries that have safely conducted the exam despite the situation.

I will update this post as more updates come, but for now, we can only wait and see.

Update on February 20, 2022:

This might be just a rumor, but I heard from a reliable source that JFM is planning to continue with the JLPT this July 2022.

Last year, JFM announced the cancellation of the JLPT on March 1, 2021. Thus, we can expect to receive the final word within the first week of March.

Update on February 28, 2022:

JFM officially announced that the JLPT will push through this July 3, 2022, but it is only limited to N1 and N2 examinees.

Registration is open from March 1 to 10, 2022. Total number of examinees is limited to 1,000 in Manila and 500 in Davao. You may refer to the Facebook post below.

The registration and testing procedures will be the same as in previous tests, but this time, examinees should be FULLY VACCINATED, i.e. with three doses (two primary and one booster) by the day of the exam.

What options are available to those who want to take lower levels?

There are alternatives to those who are interested in taking the lower levels of the JLPT which are temporarily unavailable during this pandemic:

  1. Japanese NAT-Test – The exam mirrors the format and content of the JLPT. Its five levels also correspond to the JLPT levels (Level 1 is N1, Level 2 is N2, and so forth). It is held six times in a year. I recommend this to N5, N4, and N3 examinees.
  2. JFT Basic – This is a computer-based exam (unlike NAT-Test and JLPT which are both paper-based) that is held several times in a month. Its difficulty is equivalent to JLPT N4. This test is mainly intended for those who want to pursue blue-collar jobs in Japan. I recommend this to N4 examinees only.
Update on March 16, 2022:

The JLPT Committee of JFM has already sent a PDF copy of the test voucher to applicants by email today.

Only those applicants whose payments were confirmed by JFM will receive the test voucher.

Additional reminders were also provided:

  1. Test voucher: Any error in the details indicated on the test voucher must be informed to the JLPT Committee and corrected by June 3, 2022.
  2. ID photo: You must attach a 1×1 ID photo to your printed test voucher to present it on the day of the exam.
  3. Test center: The testing location will be announced at a future date. This implies that De La Salle University Manila might NOT be the venue for the JLPT as in the previous years.
  4. Test day requirements: You must bring a valid ID with photo, your test voucher with attached 1×1 ID photo, and a vaccination card for your first 2 doses. Depending on the situation on the test day, you might be required to present a vaccination certificate for the 3rd or booster dose.
You must have received a test voucher and a receiving copy containing your complete address and telephone number in one PDF file.
Update on May 31, 2022:

A reminder has been sent out by the JLPT committee to all examinees by email:

Update on July 4, 2022:

Since the JLPT just concluded, the next step is to wait for the online results. Given the past history of the JLPT, it should probably come out on August 24, Wednesday.

For those who took the JLPT this July, how did you find the exam? I’d love to hear about your personal experience. Leave a comment below!

Update on August 19, 2022:

The results of the JLPT will be posted online August 22, Monday at 9am local time (10am Japan time).

Online viewing of results will be available until October 31, Monday at 4pm local time (5pm Japan time).

You may view your results here starting from the said date and time. To do so, enter your registration number and password on the login page. Those details can be found on your test voucher.

For more instructions on accessing the results online, please read my article about the JLPT.

You may also learn more about JLPT scoring with this article.

Update on October 3, 2022:

Certificates and official score reports will be distributed to July 2022 JLPT examinees within the first half of October.

For more news and updates, please check the website of the JLPT administering organization.

Author: Francesca Galve

Japanese language enthusiast (JLPT N1). Master's student in Tokyo, Japan. Accountant by profession.

11 thoughts on “JLPT Schedule Philippines – July 2022”

  1. Hello! I just saw JFM’s post today about the JLPT in July. However, N1 and N2 are the only available test levels for Manila. Do you think they will still offer N5 or N4 JLPT in the future when the pandemic eases? 😦
    Also, is it required for someone to take N5 JLPT first? Aren’t we allowed to skip it and maybe directly take N4 JLPT?

    Your blog is very informative. I want to take the JLPT soon. Maybe in December if I can study well these coming months. I have zero knowledge about JLPT and was a bit lost at first, but reading your blog helped me so much. Thank you very much!


    1. Hi, I’m happy you found my blog useful! Yes, the Manila test site will only be accepting N1 and N2 examinees for now, but I am certain it will reopen to N5 to N3 examinees once the pandemic eases.

      If you are pursuing N4, you have two alternatives:
      1. JFT Basic – has a different format and content from JLPT but the difficulty is at N4. It is held several times in a month.
      2. Japanese NAT-Test – follows the format and content of JLPT and is held six times a year. Take Level 4 (N4 equivalent)

      I will write more about these two tests in the future, so please look forward to them. In the meantime, please visit their official websites.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for your immediate response. I hope they will be open for N5 examinees this coming December. My current goal is to take JLPT N5 this year, but I don’t think I’ll be prepared enough for the JLPT in July.

        Sorry if I ask too many questions, but I would like to clarify one more thing. If ever I want to reach the N2 level, I have to pass each JLPT level from N5, right? Is it correct? Thank you so much! You are a great help! I will surely wait for more posts from you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Actually, you can jump straight to the level that you want to take. If you’re targeting N4, then you can take N4 right away. You do not need to pass N5. I’ve known a handful of people who did the amazing feat of taking the JLPT for the first time at N2 or N1 level already.

        Feel free to ask anything related to Japanese!


    1. Hi Eva, when did you take the JLPT? Was it the old one with 4 levels? I agree that the JLPT can be challenging, and the current scoring system makes it even more difficult to pass.


    1. Yes, only N1 and N2 in Manila for the July exam. Depending on the COVID situation later this year, Japan Foundation could administer the lower JLPT levels as well. Nothing is certain at this point; we can only wait for an official announcement.


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