What Does It Feel Like to Study at NCF? Part 3: Advanced Japanese

Advanced Japanese was the most satisfying yet also the most difficult phase of my journey in studying the Japanese language.  My positive experience with Intermediate Japanese inspired me to go as far as where my abilities could take me, and that meant aiming for the highest level of proficiency (JLPT N1).

While most Japanese language schools in the Philippines offer only basic and intermediate courses, Nihongo Center Foundation (NCF) is one of the few institutions, if not the only one, that consistently offers JLPT N1 review classes and other advanced courses such as business Japanese and translation. These are all well suited to those who have attained JLPT N2 proficiency.

In this entry, I will discuss my experience in the final leg of my studies at an esteemed Japanese language institute. The following areas are some of the topics that are covered by this article:

  • The course content and coverage of the JLPT N1 review class;
  • The types of class activities and materials for advanced Japanese; and
  • The learning experience with a native Japanese instructor in an online setting.
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JLPT Schedule Philippines – July 2023

The 2023 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) will be held worldwide on the following dates:

First testJuly 2, 2023
Second testDecember 3, 2023

Following two successful implementations of the JLPT in the Philippines amidst the pandemic last year, the exam will most probably push through this year as well.

Like the December 2022 exam, the JLPT is expected to be conducted on all four test sites (Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro) covering ALL proficiency levels (N5 to N1). For details on the December 2022 exam, please visit this page instead.

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Taking the July 2022 JLPT During the Pandemic: What Made this Experience Unique

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, the bi-annual JLPT has been canceled in the Philippines four times. That’s about two years.

The agonizing, long wait has been frustrating for those who have been wanting to obtain official certification in Japanese language proficiency. Of course, that included me.

Fortunately, the Japan Foundation Manila (JFM) announced the resumption of the JLPT starting with the July 2022 exam. There were significant changes, such as fewer available test levels and the implementation of health and safety protocols.

Here’s a recount of my experience taking the JLPT during the “new normal.”

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