JLPT Schedule Philippines – July 2023

The 2023 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) will be held worldwide on the following dates:

First testJuly 2, 2023
Second testDecember 3, 2023

Following two successful implementations of the JLPT in the Philippines amidst the pandemic last year, the exam will most probably push through this year as well.

Like the December 2022 exam, the JLPT is expected to be conducted on all four test sites (Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro) covering ALL proficiency levels (N5 to N1). For details on the December 2022 exam, please visit this page instead.

Starting with the December 2022 JLPT, the host institution for the Manila test site changed from The Philippine Testing Administration Committee to The Philippines-Japan Friendship Foundation, Inc. (PJFF). This change will not affect the test schedule and location for Manila; only the manner of test implementation will be different.

Upon the transition, PJFF rolled out a new online registration platform for aspiring JLPT examinees. This eliminated the need to visit the office of The Japan Foundation in Makati just to submit test application requirements and pay for the test fee.

In addition, PJFF is proactively posting announcements about the test on its Facebook page. Make sure to follow it so you won’t miss out on important updates.

Here’s the expected timeline for the July 2023 exam in the Philippines:

Late February/Early March – Registration and payment
July 2, Sunday – Test date
August 21, Monday – Release of online results
Early October – Distribution of certificates and official score reports

In the past, registration always opened on the first Wednesday of February but no announcement has been made yet by PJFF.

This post will be continually updated as new updates arrive, so keep visiting this page to get all the important information about this year’s July JLPT.

Update on March 25:

The JLPT is back in full swing in the Philippines!

After several cancellations and restrictions to the conduct of the test, Japanese language learners of any skill level can now take the exam. Plus, Japan Foundation Manila launched a site for online registration, eliminating the need to personally line up at their office in Makati City.

PJFF also posted the general instructions for the JLPT registration. Here are the key details:

  1. All levels (N5 to N1) will be available for all test sites.
  2. Registration will be open from April 1 to 20.
  3. Applicants must use the new portal for registration with this link: https://jlpt-apply.jfmo.org.ph/
  4. Advance payment is required. Prepare your proof of payment prior to completing the registration.
  5. The same amount of test fees will apply: Php1,500 for N1 and N2 and Php1,100 for N3, N4 and N5.
  6. On test day, you will need to bring hard copies your test voucher, valid ID with photo, and proof of vaccination. Soft copies or images saved on your mobile phone will not be accepted.
  7. Group applications are not accepted.

In addition to the above guidelines, PJFF also released guidelines on the ID picture to be uploaded to the online registration portal.

These apply only to those who will be taking the exam at the Manila test site. Inquire with your host institution whether the same rules apply to you.

Please take a look at the requirements carefully. Non-compliance might lead to delays or complications with your registration.

For other information on the JLPT, you may check the following sites:

As of this writing, the online portal is not yet accepting registrations for the July 2023 exam, but once it does, I’ll post an update to this page. In the meantime, you can create your account at the portal if you haven’t done so yet.

In any case, take note of the dates in your calendar! Don’t miss your chance to take the bi-annual JLPT, so keep following this page to get JLPT-related information in the Philippines all in one place.

Author: Francesca Galve

Japanese language enthusiast (JLPT N1). Master's student in Tokyo, Japan. Accountant by profession.

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