What Does It Feel Like to Study at NCF? Part 2: Intermediate Japanese

Intermediate Japanese has been an exciting and challenging phase of my Japanese language study. I was strongly motivated to finally venture out of basic Japanese (JLPT N4), and I began to actually feel my progress in Japanese the more I studied intermediate material.

If you are looking to improve your Japanese language skill beyond the basic level, consider enrolling at Nihongo Center Foundation (NCF). It is one of the few institutions in the Philippines that offer higher-level Japanese classes.

In this personal blog post, I will talk about my experience studying intermediate Japanese at a top-tier language institute. I will also provide key information such as:

  • The course content and coverage of Intermediate 1 to 6;
  • The comparison of the scope with the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT); and
  • The learning experience under a one-on-one tutorial with a native Japanese instructor.
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Need Japanese Books? Here are the Best Ways to Buy Them in the Philippines

In 2007, the Japan Foundation Manila (JFM) opened its library to the public. It contained a wealth of Japanese resources and materials such as books, manga, magazines, and newspapers. For the avid Japanese language learner, the JFM library is a paradise.

Unfortunately, the library discontinued its operations in May 2019, and the space where it was located has been renovated and repurposed. As someone who often visited the library, I was devastated by this news.

Since Japanese books are quite rare in the Philippines, where and how can you get them now?

Fortunately, more options have become available over the past few years. In this article, I have listed some of the best places where you can buy genuine Japanese books.

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Why The Kake Speech Contest 2018 Convinced Me to Study Japanese Seriously

Last February 19, 2022, I had the pleasure of watching the 49th Nihongo Speech Contest organized by the Japan Foundation Manila (JFM).

I watched the contest to get listening practice, and I was delighted to hear the interesting speeches of each of the contestants who impressed the audience and judges with their Japanese skills.

Watching them, I was once again reminded of my experience in joining a Japanese speech contest in 2018. This was a life-changing event for me, as it convinced me to study Japanese beyond the basic level.

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