JLPT Schedule Philippines – December 2022

The dates of the 2022 July and December JLPT are listed below:

First testJuly 3, 2022
Second testDecember 4, 2022

The JLPT finally resumed in the Philippines for the July 2022 exam. Visit this page for relevant information and updates for that exam.

With this resumption, we can expect that the December 2022 exam will also push through for the Philippines.

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Japanese NAT-TEST: Taking the April 2022 Exam

Are you preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)? If you are, consider taking the Japanese NAT-TEST to gauge your current skill level.

Since the JLPT in July is fast approaching, I decided to take a practice exam to accustom myself again to a real testing environment. Unfortunately, Level 1 of the NAT-TEST (equivalent to JLPT N1) isn’t available for the April schedule, so I decided to take Level 2 (JLPT N2) instead.

Although I already took and passed Level 2 in October 2021, I wanted to take the opportunity to properly document the process of taking the NAT-TEST, so I hope this short and simple post about my experience will be a useful reference for you.

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Why Mock Exams are Absolutely Needed to Score High on the JLPT

Have you studied Japanese for the past few months and now aiming for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)? Attending classes, reading textbooks and handouts, and answering some practice questions should be enough to pass the test with a good score, right?

Well, not necessarily.

In my article about JLPT test scores, I discussed extensively that the JLPT is a demanding test. You’ll need to do very well just to get a passing mark. Guessing the answers will not help, even if the JLPT is a multiple-choice test.

The key to passing the JLPT is practice. The adage, “Practice makes perfect,” still holds true. And one of the essential components of practice is a mock exam.

If you are serious about passing the JLPT, then I hope that this article will help you understand and appreciate mock exams. I highly recommend that you include them as part of your study regimen.

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